Konnektor – Forum für Künste
Hanover, Germany

3. – 25. September 2016


What do we see? Do we actually perceive what we want to see? Or do we even want to see what we observe right in front of us? What expects us in the future? Is it predetermined and unpreventable? Are there signs which tell us what we have to anticipate?


Edgar Askelovic (Isenbuttel, DE) Benjamin Badock (Leipzig, DE) Thomas Behling (Berlin, DE) Sonja Bendel (Wien, AT) Simone Brühl (Berlin, DE) Rita Erven (Kiel, DE) Klaus Fezer (Zerbst, DE) Astrid Jahns (Hannover, DE) Martyna Jastrzebska (Gdynia, PL) Fabian Knöbl (Winnweiler, DE) Terézia Krnácová (Banská Byystrica, SK) Maria Kropfitsch (Ludwigshafen am Rhein, DE) Guillaume le Moine (Lyon, FR) Esra Oezen (Braunschweig, DE) Mareike Poehling (Hannover, DE) Meike Redeker (Braunschweig, DE) Antonia Rehnen (Groningen, NL) Katja Staudacher (Hamburg, DE) Marco Wagner (Bad Neustadt, DE) Sebastian Wanke (Willingshausen, DE) Susanne Wurlitzer (Leipzig, DE)

VLA, 2017

Impossible prints

In collaboration with Nanomat, a platform of nanofabrication and nanocarecterization of the University of technology of Troyes and the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne.


A 20 μm stereolithography of the Very Large Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory of San Augustin (USA).